Sex and the City Hairstyles

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sex-and-the-city-hairstyleThe four fabulous women of the television series “Sex and the City” are not only famous of their characters or roles. They have also created a superior phenomenon in fashion when it comes to clothes as well as hairstyles. Their trendsetting hairstyles have inspired lots of women all over the world. Many fans most especially women denote the “Sex and the City” ladies as the power-driven Miranda, the timid Charlotte, the vivacious Samantha, and the creative Cary.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Cary Bradshaw definitely knows how to deliver her own taste of hairstyles. She never failed to surprise her fans of wearing something new on her hairstyles. She wears birds and flowers on the luxurious and long blonde locks. She rocks out a regular ponytail hairstyle with a 80s designed puffy dress. She can be sophisticated and stylish with a straight sedu hairstyle. The most notable hairstyle of Cary is the defined and shapely curls with flawless highlights.

Kim Cattral or Samantha Jones in the series had showed her fans on how to wear a stylish bob with medium length, shiny tresses, and beautiful bangs. The bob style framed the face of Samantha perfectly. This hairstyle was emulated by many people over the years.

Kristine Davis or Charlotte showcases a more conventional hairstyle. Her wonderfully and innocent charm, being a believer in love, and her caring nature compliments her shiny, dark, and long healthy locks. The locks are even worn in simple ponytail. The hair of Charlotte was full of bounce, body, and layers. Even subtle curls works for her hairstyle.

The perfect red hair color of Cynthia Nixon or Miranda in the series truly represents her fiery personality. Her short red tresses are usually seen left in short crop or medium-length bob. In some episodes, her red locks are worn with short-shaped layers to give more definition on the sultry waves and super sassy look.

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