Pin Up Hair Styles

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pin-up-hairstyleHaving cute hair is the best way to start off a beautiful day. In the current fashion trends, there are so many modern hair styles that are sexy and cute. Among such hair styles are the pin up hair styles. Pin up hair styles are trendy, they were featured back in the 30s through the 60s. These are the hair styles that will give you the taste of the old eras. Pin up hair styles are known to be the most remembered hair styles among all the 60s hair styles. These are the hair styles that used and still use the most unique tools and materials in hair styling process.

The retro appearance given by these hair styles is characteristically cute. Unlike the current hair styles that features so many hair styling tips for them to look cute and sexy, pin up hairdos were the other way round. Let us take the long straight hair type as an example. This hair type can be transformed into a pin up hair style by simply employing some rolling tips that the right chemicals. Well, pin up hair styles are basically defined by either straight long curls that fall to the shoulder, cute curls that build up as they move backwards, and curls that are traditionally side swept to give more attention to the eyes as well as the jaw line.

The pin up hair styles features a good number of hair styles that are still prevailing in weddings among other activities. Such cute and sexy hair styles include the following. Firstly, we have the bouffant hairdo; this hair styles is meant for thin hair types in an attempt to create an illusion of possessing lots of hair. Secondly, we have the beehive hairdo; the hair style creates a more traditional look that is full of hair that is well texture and healthy. Thirdly, we have the reverse victory rolls hairdo; the hair style is characterized by large barrels curls that are cute and sexy. Fourthly, we have the authentic pin curls; this hair style is achieved by the use of wet pin curls.

There are so many resources that one can fish out lots of info about pin up hair styles. One of such well-known resource is the Lauren Rennells pin hair styling book. This book contains the entire necessary pin up hair styling techniques and methodologies accompanied with the most popular individuals who have featured most of the pin up hair styles. If you are a lover of retro haircuts, then the Lauren Rennells book will take you through all the step by step procedures of obtaining them. Pin up hair styles allow you to match your body makeup with the hair styling to give you the most adorable look each particular day. So, if you are planning to wear the retro fashion cloths, I suggest that you get your air done with the pin up hair styles. Pin up hair styles give your hair a natural texture accompanied by the correct volume.

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