Modern Flapper Hairstyles

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modern-flapper-hairstyleModern flapper hairstyle is one of those cutter-than average short retro and fun hairstyles. Although flapper hairstyle is an old-fashioned hairstyle, it had gained trendy styles by using curls and flips. Even though the hairstyle has a modern touch, it is still perfect to match it with vintage dress most specifically black suits.

Modern flapper hairstyle is often associated with fashion, behavior, and set of attitudes especially in women. At first, this hairstyle is unconventional especially the style of short and bob cut, which is more masculine. The hairstyle can also be long in length as the hair is pinned up.

Modern flapper hairstyles are open to more physical intimacy and shaped more closely to the head. The bob cut of flapper hairstyles is often sleek and straight. It can be worn with or without bangs. The cut can also be worn by those who have naturally curly hair since the waves can sat against the head.

Modern Flapper Bob Hairstyles Ideas

Aside from the bob cut, another modern flapper hairstyle is the shingle bob or more known as the graduated bob. This hairstyle is defined by the hair at the back of the neck as it is created with V-shape through razor cut. The Eton is one of the most radical cuts for the hairstyle. It is a very boyish cut, which is popular in many boys’ school in England. Since it is very short, it works best on petite women especially those women wearing trousers.

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One Comment on “Modern Flapper Hairstyles”

  • kikij
    6 February, 2010, 22:40

    I love the flapper style and think it’s really coming back into fashion! I just bought a flapper style dress and wore it to a nightclub in Vegas. It was so much fun to dance in!