Male Hairstyles

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Men HairstyleOver the decades, male hairstyles have gone through different transitions. Among these include the spiked & gelled do, love sixties, pageboys of the peace, and long male ponytails. Just like women, men also follow different hot new trends for hairstyles. Men often adopt hairstyles that are bold, ideal, and that society accepts. The hairstyles often fit their hair characteristics, lifestyles, careers, and personalities.

Even before, men are already aggressive when it comes to their hairstyles. To achieve ideal look, men are very much willing in trying to blow dry, gel, straighten, perm, color, and cut their hair. Celebrities and rock stars are often the trendsetters of male hairstyles today. They generate hairstyles that many other men get inspiration from.

Popular Male Hairstyles

Curly Bad Boy Look
One of the popular male hairstyles today is the curly bad boy look. However, this hairstyle only works for those males with naturally curly hair or willing to have their hair curled or permed.

Sassy Hairstyles for Men
The mussed and sort of sassy look is one of the hottest male hairstyles today. It contains a lot of texture and layers. It is known as the shag cut.

1960s Straight Male Haircut
The style of shiny cap of straight hair is also male hairstyles that work best on medium textured and straight hair. This style was immortalized during the 1960s era. It is a long modified type of bob haircut.

Short Waxed Style
The short waxed look is very popular for men of all ages and hair types or textures. In this style, the hair all around the head is worn in the same length while the crown area is slightly spiked and lightly separated.

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