Jessica Alba Hairstyles

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jessica-alba-hairstyle1Jessica Alba is the famous lead character of the popularized TV series of Dark Angel. Through this TV series, Jessica Alba had made her own marked name in Hollywood. She is not only beautiful but a very talented actress as well. Throughout the years, Jessica Alba had undergone several hairstyles from long dark hair to long and short blond bob. Jessica Alba Hairstyles have been very effortless and suited every color shades and hairstyles available.

jessica-alba-hairstyleTips on How to Achieve Jessica Alba Hairstyles

If you want to achieve the look of Jessica Alba Hairstyles, you need to use shampoo and conditioner that comes with volumizing formula for your hair. After washing your hair, blow-dry it with upside down strokes to create volume and fullness from the roots. However, if your hair is fine, it is essential not to add any conditioner because it will become too heavy. Instead use a thickening spray for your hair.

After blow drying your hair, use some huge Velcro rollers or some large curling tongs. These accessories can give your hair some loose, wavy and soft curls. To do this, you need to divide off some hair sections randomly as you put the accessories.

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