Hasselhoff Mullet Hairstyle

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hasselhoff-mullet-hairstyleFamous T.V. star and actor David Hasselhoff who starred in all time famous TV series bay watch is recognized world wide for his amazing mullet hairdo that he wore in bay watch and in mid 1980’s. Though mullet is now days not in fashion but it still look appealing and gives you a different look when every body else is wearing new styles. Mullet is a hairstyle in which the hair is pushed backwards and is left a bit long at the end. Hair in the front is kept short to give to it a style statement. But they are set in such a way that it gives volume and fullness to your hair so that it does not give a flat appearance to your face.

In case of Hasselhoff Mullet, he had curly hair and so he had short curls in the front and long at the back. If you also wish to have mullet like him then you must have hair length at least till shoulders and your hair should be curly too. But if you do not have curls, you can curl them artificially by using hot rollers etc.

Just cut down the sides of your hair a bit short from the sides in the top and in the end too but keep the overall length of your hair long from the bottom. Hasselhoff mullet style is total black colored so color your hair in the same color and you are all set to flaunt this style.

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