Hairstyles for Straight Hair

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Hairstyle for Straight HairAlthough straight hair is the most versatile type of hair, it is still associated with many styling challenges when it comes to creation of hairstyles. A straight hair may lack the volume and look limp, which is not appropriate for some kinds of hairstyles. It often looks best for people with round face shape as it makes the face look long. A round face shape would often require hairstyles that do not add volume and makes the face look wider. These are the reasons why straight hair works best for round face shape.

Hairstyles Options for Straight Hair

A pixie or mushroom cut often work well for straight hair. This cut can create a slim facial shape and very easy to tease on the crown. It is best when done in medium-length cut instead of shorter cut since it will give a wider appearance to the face. Long straight hairstyles are ideal for round face shape. It can be added with long layers below the chin and side swept bangs.

If you have a straight hair, you can achieve almost all kinds of hairstyles. You just have to know ways on how to flatter the hairstyle you are about to choose. Ponytail had always been a classic hairstyle for straight hair. It is also an easy choice. If this hairstyle is worn high, it will thin the face out and create some volume on top. If the ponytail is combined with a headband, it gives the face a round look.

Although straight hair can achieved almost all kinds of hairstyles, its texture should be considered as well. There are different textures of straight hair that include medium hair, fine hair, and coarse hair. The medium texture is the best one among the three types. It is not only easy to style but easy to maintain as well by using regular moisturizing regimen, conditioning, and cleaning.

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