Good Health for Healthy Hair

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healthy-hairNutritional deficiencies can also cause temporary hair loss. The question constantly argued among hair loss experts is how many citizens of First World countries have diets poor enough to cause hair loss? Iron deficiency (known as anaemia) contributes to hair loss. Anaemia isn’t uncommon in women, especially those of you who lose lots of iron-rich blood through heavy menstrual bleeding. Thinning hair is also a symptom of anorexia and bulimia – sufferers usually do not consume anywhere near the dietary requirements of fats, carbohydrates, and protein.

Illness forces your body to conserve resources, prompting it to route nutrients away from “superfluous” appendages such as hair so that they can be used by vital internal organs. Depending on how long the illness – and how long strands have gone without nutrients – hair can fall out. Fortunately, this form of hair thinning is usually temporary and the hair will soon grow back.

Make sure you eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet if you want to enjoy healthy, shiny hair.

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