Bella Swan Hair Style

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bella-swan-hairstyleEver since Bella Swan acted in twilight, she has been famous for her simple yet elegant hairstyle that she wore in the movie. Bella Swan hairstyle in twilight is not a very tough one and you can easily get it by following some simple things at home, but yes, you need to have long hair for getting the same look. Do not be disheartened if you have short hair as you can always go for hair extensions if you do not fear of chemicals. So, let us see how you can get Bella Swan hairstyle.

How you can get Bella Swan hairstyle

First of all shampoo your hair and use a volumising conditioner to add extra volume to your hair as it is a must for this hairstyle. Ensure that you wash off the conditioner thoroughly from your hair. Now if you do not have layers in your hair then go for a nice hair cut but do not go for side flicks. The layers have to be evenly spread so that it adds volume and style. Now color your hair in shades of dark brown matching your skin tone, but do not color them if you already have dark colored hair.

Give some waves to your hair using a curling iron but see to it that you do not give curls to your hair. Give waves to each layer and run your fingers across your hair once you are done. Fix them up with your fingers only every time they mess up to keep up that bounce and you are all done.

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