Bald Hairstyles

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bald-hairstyleBald hairstyles are new sexy hairstyles for men today. Many women find bald men very attractive, ooze with self-confidence, and seductive. This is the reason why men opt for going bald hair these days. Bald hairstyles are best for men with thinning hair but will do as well for men who wanted to go with style.

Men with bald hairstyles show fullness of self-confidence and can dare to go with the norms. They also represent personality of brave and bold. The courage to wear bald hairstyles takes a lot of pure masculinity, passion, and strength. Today, bald hairstyles have many different styles of its own. Not only men who have thinning hair wear this kind of hairstyle but also men who have their own sense of hair fashion.

Bald hairstyles are able to show off the maximum facial features of the wearer because it does not hide or masked the facial shapes with hair. The eyes of the wearer are showcased as well as the strong chin and prominent jaw.

There are many options of bald hairstyles for men. One of these is the short and clean cut, which can be created with different styles every day with the use of styling products. Another option is going totally bald and growing facial hair such as moustache, goatee, or beard.  This will take the attention of the people away from your bald head.

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