American Idol Long Hairstyles

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american-idol-hairstyleThe American Idol had produced most of the popular and promising singers today. In this show, women contestants are seen to sport different types of long hairstyles whether with extra curls, placed in beautiful updos, or worn down. Most of the hairstyles are not only beautiful but have given inspiration that many women have emulated.

Kelly Clarkson is an American Idol winner who has a very versatile hair. Another past winner Carrie Underwood has gorgeous long locks. For hairstyles that are sexy, cute, and simple at the same time, Kellie Pickler is the household name in American Idol show. All sported American Idol long hairstyles offered varieties of styles as long as the wearer knows how to arrange and play the bangs and tresses.

Kelly Clarkson is considered as one of the great achievements for American Idol. With her rising status in the music world, she is seen in different events of concerts, music video, and public appearances as she wears different long hairstyles. Since she has a very versatile hair, she can wear it accordingly in numerous ways. She is seen wearing dark hair with simple flow down of some layers and front bangs slightly swept on the forehead. This dark hair is sometimes seen with curls all over the tresses.

The long hair of Carrie Underwood is blessed with natural waviness and light curls. She is seen wearing long formal hairstyles. The half-updo long hairstyle gives her the gorgeous look while the long curled tresses flowing to one side, the hair tied at the back, and with an off-center part. She is seen wearing hairstyle with plenty of flair, styled tresses around the face, swept bangs, and infused soft curls.

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